Planetary images by Erwin van der Velden

This homepage is the original homepage of my brother Erwin van der Velden who passed away on 27 September 2005. As his sister I received many reactions mentioning Erwin's astrophotographs, which were so much appreciated. The purpose of this homepage is to let people to be able to watch his pictures also for in the future.

A full presentation of his work can be found on the following website:

All photographs made by Erwin van der Velden and copyrighted by Ilse van der Velden. E-mail:


For details see the individual images. For the ground-based images of Mercury please see further down this page.

Mars Images

Mars imaged on 2003/9/4 versus Hubble image made on 2003/8/27

Some markings on the C8 image can be associated with some geological landforms like Olympus Mons, parts of Valles Marineris, the craters Newton and Copernicus. For the full observation look here .

I've made also a compilation of my best Mars opposition 2003 images .

Index Images of Mars

12th November 2003 (Good seeing!)
9th November 2003 (Good seeing!)
2nd November 2003
22th October 2003
19th October 2003
15th October 2003
12th October 2003 (Good seeing!)
22nd September 2003 (Good seeing!)
18th September 2003 (Good seeing!)
5th September 2003
4th September 2003 (Good seeing!)
29th August 2003
22nd August 2003
19th August 2003 (Good seeing)
13th August 2003
10th and 12th August 2003
27th July 2003

Mercury Images

Mercury imaged on 2003/2/11

Earth-based image of surface detail on Mercury with the C8. Parts of the imaged surface haven't been mapped by spacecrafts like Mariner 10. For an explanation look here .

The same part of the surface was also imaged one year later with the C9.25, and resulted in an animation of the rotation of Mercury and another confirmation of the imaging of the Kuiper-Muraski ray system! See the Trilogy observations below.

Mercury imaged between 2004/1/17 and 2004/1/25 and on 2003/2/11

For a static version look here .

Index Images of Mercury

Jupiter Images

Jupiter imaged on 2004/2/9

Index Images of Jupiter and Ganymede

22nd April 2005 (Good seeing!)
20th April 2005
20th April 2005 (animation)
17th April 2005
17th April 2005 (animation)
16th April 2005 (Good seeing!)
12th April 2005
3rd April 2005 (Good seeing!)
3rd April 2005 (animation)
2nd April 2005
28th March 2005
15th March 2005 (Good seeing!)
15th March 2005 (animation)
4th March 2005
4th March 2005 (animation)
Ganymede 27th February 2005 (good seeing!)
27th February 2005
27th February 2005 (animation)
13th April 2004 (ToU vs. Vesta)
1st April 2004 (good seeing!)
Ganymede 31st March 2004 (good seeing!)
31st March 2004
26th March 2004
26th March 2004 (animation)
25th March 2004 (optimized colour test)
17th March 2004
17th March 2004 (animation!)
9th March 2004
7th March 2004
28th February 2004
28th February 2004 (animation!)
18th February 2004
18th February 2004 (animation!)

Saturn Images

Saturn imaged on 2004/2/9

Index Images of Saturn

19th February 2005 (Good seeing!)
19th February 2005 (Animation)
15th February 2005
19th January 2005
15th January 2005
14th November 2004
21st February 2004
18th February 2004
9th February 2004
6nd January 2004
1st January 2004

Solar system compilation

Solar system compilation

Solar system compilation with Mercury, Venus, Mars 2x, Jupiter, Ganymede, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.